Ziziphus mauritiana fruit health benefits, Benefits of Ziziphus mauritiana Juice

What are advantages of taking Ziziphus mauritiana fruit in daily diet? How Ziziphus mauritiana Juice can be beneficial for health? How Ziziphus mauritiana fruit is good for health? What are the top benefits of eating Ziziphus mauritiana fruit?

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Ziziphus mauritiana also known as Jujube, Chinee Apple, Badari, Ber (Hindi), Indian plum is a tropical fruit tree species, belonging to the family Rhamnaceae.
Z. mauritiana is a spiny, evergreen shrub or small tree up to 15 m high, with trunk 40 cm or more in diameter; spreading crown; stipular spines and many drooping branches. The fruit is of variable shape and size. It can be oval, obovate, and oblong or round and that can be 1-2.5 in (2.5-6.25 cm) long, depending on the variety. The flesh is white and crisp. When slightly underipe, this fruit is a bit juicy and has a pleasant aroma. The fruit's skin is smooth, glossy, thin but tight.

The fruit is eaten raw or pickled or used in beverages. It is quite nutritious and rich in vitamin C. It is second only to guava and much higher than citrus or apples. In India, the ripe fruits are mostly consumed raw, but are sometimes stewed. Slightly under ripe fruits are candied by a process of pricking, immersing in a salt solution.

It is beneficial for preventing attacks of cold and influenza. A teaspoon of the fresh juice of the fruit can be taken with a pinch of pepper once a day for prevention against cold.


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