Jackfruit Nutrition Facts, Vitamin and Minerals Information

What nutrients are found in Jackfruit? What vitamins are found in Jackfruit? What minerals are found in Jackfruit? Please provide me Jackfruit nutrition facts, vitamin and minerals information.

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mahesh said...

Jackfruits contain very minuscule amount of fat as exemplified by its tiny 4 calories from fat. Now that that's out of the way, we can focus on the more prominent nutrient in jackfruit which are carbohydrates. The above mentioned serving contains a very happy 40g of carbohydrate of which 3g are from dietary fiber. The 165g cup contributes about 13% of your ideal carbohydrate intake, so that's got to be good news. And finally on to proteins, jackfruit clearly isn't the best source of it, but the aforementioned serving will give you 2g of protein anyway.

Honorable mentions for jackfruit nutrition include Vitamin A and Vitamin C which are available aplenty. It also contains a respectable amount of potassium, iron and calcium as well. Another bit of good news is that jackfruits contain no cholesterol and 5mg of sodium, which is laughably low. Jackfruit is great for healthy weight gain, as it contains fructose and sucrose while not containing fat.

Being rich in carbohydrates, it is most certainly a good source of energy.

Jackfruits also contain a good amount of antioxidant flavonoids which are widely talked about for the protection they provide to the human body from cancer and heart problems.

If the flavonoids weren't enough, then jackfruits also contain potassium which helps control heart rate and blood pressure.


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