Potato Juice Benefits for Skin

What are the Potato juice benefits for skin? How Potato juice is good for skin health? Should I drink Potato juice for skin care?

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Neetu said...

Skin color may no longer be a measure of one's beauty but unnaturally darkened or tanned skin can be a blemish and cause for concern. Although many people have naturally dark and attractive skin, darkening of the skin can at times be the result of other factors like hyper pigmentation. This can result in the skin appearing patchy and blemished. Many people use over the counter medications and bleaching products to lighten the skin, but these are extremely harsh and contain chemicals like hydroquinone that can further damage the skin. Natural remedies on the other hand are completely safe, easily obtainable, inexpensive and free of any harmful side effects.Raw potato juice is the best natural remedy for tanned skin. It acts as a natural bleach and will counter the effects of tanning. Apply the juice directly on the areas of skin that have been tanned.
A raw potato is cheap and brilliant acne natural cure, especially for whiteheads. The vitamin C makes your skin glow, and alkaline in the potato kills the bacteria on your face. The potato also has an exfoliating effect helping you to get rid of dead skin cells
Raw potato juice is an excellent liver cleanser therefore accelerates fresh and healthy skin. Raw potato juice is effective in getting rid of acne because of its astringent and antibacterial qualities. It has been used for centuries internally and topically for fresh looking, radiant skin.
The juice of raw potatoes, has also proved very valuable in clearing skin blemishes. This cleansing results from high content of potassium, sulphur, phosphorus and chlorine in the potato. These elements are, however, of value only when the potato is raw as in this state they are composed of live organic atoms. In the cooked state, they are converted into inorganic atoms and are of little value for constructive purposes.
The juicy pulp of the shredded raw potatoes can also be applied as a poultice in clearing the wrinkles and other skin blemishes due to ageing. It may be rubbed on the face and other portions of body that have wrinkles before retiring for bed. It will help 'melt' the wrinkles, banish age spots and clear the skin. The enzymes in raw potato pulp, combined with the Vitamin C and the natural starch, helps create a 'skin food' that nourishes the starved cellular tissues of the skin. Furthermore, the alkaline juices of the potato promotes an antiseptic action that gives a glowing look of youth. Much of the decaying skin sloughs off by the acid portion of the pulp.

Brush the potatoes in water, make them clean and dry, and remove all sprouts. Scrape whole potatoes with skins on into crumbled particles on a vegetable scraper-board. Place the crumbs into a cloth or jute rice bag then squeeze to get the juice. Take the juice before breakfast and for best beneficial effects drink the juice immediately after it is squeezed out.


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